advanced functional solid catalysts for biomass valorization

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Advanced Functional Solid Catalysts for Biomass Valorization
Author : Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain,Putla Sudarsanam
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2020-05-29
ISBN 10 : 0128226730
Pages : 274 pages

Advanced Functional Solid Catalysts for Biomass Valorization presents the basic concepts in catalysis (homogeneous, heterogeneous, and enzymatic) and the properties of various kinds of heterogeneous solid catalysts, including their structure, porosity, particle size, BET surface area, acid-base, and redox properties. Useful information about biorefineries, types of biomass feedstocks, their structures and properties as well as about several potential catalytic routes for biomass upgrading to useful fuels and chemicals is provided in this book. Importantly, this book covers the most recent developments toward functionalization of various solid catalysts, optimization of catalysts’ properties, developing cascade catalytic strategies, exploring reaction kinetics/mechanisms, and evaluating catalysts’ stability/reusability during biomass upgrading. Current challenges and opportunities for the future biorefineries as well as for the design of advanced functional solid catalysts are critically discussed. Describes catalysis as a promising technology for the development of eco-friendly and economically viable strategies for several important energy and environmental applications. Covers heterogeneous solid catalysts because of their versatile benefits in terms of catalysts’ synthesis, production cost, stability, and reusability as compared to homogeneous liquid catalysts. Provides promising strategies for the design of new catalytic materials, such as carbon materials, metal–organic frameworks, zeolites, and mesoporous silicas. Describes functional solid catalysts for developing one-pot cascade processes for efficient biomass valorization and other vital chemical transformations.

Solid Catalysts for the Upgrading of Renewable Sources
Author : Nicoletta Ravasio,Federica Zaccheria
Publisher : MDPI
Release Date : 2019-03-26
ISBN 10 : 3038975729
Pages : 226 pages

The use of solid catalysts for the upgrade of renewable sources gives the opportunity to combine the two main cores of green chemistry, that is, on the one hand, the set-up of sustainable processes and, on the other, the use of biomass-derived materials. Solid catalysts have taken on a leading role in traditional petrochemical processes and could represent a key tool in new biorefinery-driven technologies. This book will cover topics related to the preparation and use of heterogeneous catalytic systems for the transformation of renewable sources, as well as of materials deriving from agro-industrial wastes and by-products. At the same time, the ever-increasing importance of bioproducts, due to the acceptance and request of consumers, makes the upgrade of biomass into chemicals and materials not only an environmental issue, but also an economical advantage.

Biomass Volume Estimation and Valorization for Energy
Author : Jaya Shankar Tumuluru
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2017-02-22
ISBN 10 : 9535129376
Pages : 516 pages

This book is the outcome of contributions by many experts in the field from different disciplines, various backgrounds, and diverse expertise. This book provides information on biomass volume calculation methods and biomass valorization for energy production. The chapters presented in this book include original research and review articles. I hope the research presented in this book will help to advance the use of biomass for bioenergy production and valorization. The key features of the book are: Providing information on biomass volume estimation using direct, nondestructive and remote sensing methods Biomass valorization for energy using thermochemical (gasification and pyrolysis) and biochemical (fermentation) conversion processes.

Advanced Solid Catalysts for Renewable Energy Production
Author : González-Cortés, Sergio,Imbert, Freddy Emilio
Publisher : IGI Global
Release Date : 2018-01-19
ISBN 10 : 1522539042
Pages : 520 pages

In recent years, the replacement of non-renewable crude oil by renewable sources has been addressed, particularly in developed countries. Its main driving force has been the increasing demand and limited reserves of fossil fuels, the greenhouse gas effect, and the need of securing energy supplies. Advanced Solid Catalysts for Renewable Energy Production provides emerging research on renewable energy production, catalysts, and environmental effects of increased productivity. While highlighting the challenges for future generations to develop in the sustainable energy age, readers will learn the importance of new approaches not only for synthesizing more active and selective (nano)catalysts, but also, for designing innovative catalytic processes that can eventually meet the growing energy efficiency demand and overcome the environmental issues. This book is an important resource for academicians, university researchers, technology developers, and graduate level students.

Sustainable Catalytic Conversion of Biomass for the Production of Biofuels and Bioproducts
Author : Gabriel Morales ,Jose Iglesias ,Juan A. Melero
Publisher : MDPI
Release Date : 2020-12-02
ISBN 10 : 3039364332
Pages : 216 pages

Biomass is widely considered as a potential alternative to dwindling fossil fuel reserves. There is a large variety of biomass sources (oleaginous, lignocellulosic, algae, etc.), with many possible conversion routes and products. Currently, biomass is not just viewed as a source of biofuels, but also as an interesting feedstock for the production of bio-based chemicals that could largely replace petrochemicals. In this context, the search for new sustainable and efficient alternatives to fossil sources is gaining increasing relevance within the chemical industry. There, the role of catalysis is often critical for the development of clean and sustainable processes, aiming to produce commodity chemicals or liquid fuels with a high efficiency and atom economy. This book gathers works at the cutting edge of investigation in the application of catalysis, for the sustainable conversion of biomass into biofuels and bio-based chemicals.

Nano-(Bio)Catalysis in Lignocellulosic Biomass Valorization
Author : Rafael Luque,Christophe Len,Konstantinos Triantafyllidis
Publisher : Frontiers Media SA
Release Date : 2019-03-01
ISBN 10 : 2889457729
Pages : 329 pages

The valorization of lignocellulosic biomass, in the form of forest and agricultural wastes, industrial processing side-streams, and dedicated energy crops, toward chemicals, fuels and added-value products has become a major research area with increasing exploitation potential. The efficient and tailored depolymerization of biomass or its primary structural components (hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin) to platform chemicals, i.e., sugars, phenolics, furans, ketones, organic acids, etc. is highly dependent on the development of novel or modified chemo- and bio-catalytic processes that take into account the peculiarities and recalcitrance of biomass as feedstock, compared for example to petroleum fractions. The present Research Topic in Frontiers in Chemistry, Section of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, entitled “Nano-(bio)catalysis in lignocellulosic biomass valorization” aims to further contribute to the momentum of research and development in the (bio)catalytic conversion of biomass, by featuring original research papers as well as two review papers, authored and reviewed by experts in the field. The Research Topic addresses various representative reactions and processes in biomass valorization, highlighting the importance of developing novel, efficient and stable nano-(bio)catalysts with tailored properties according to the nature of the reactant/feedstock and the targeted products.

Advanced Catalysis for Drop-in Chemicals
Author : Putla Sudarsanam,Hu Li
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2021-08-15
ISBN 10 : 9780128238271
Pages : 312 pages

Biomass conversion into drop-in chemicals using novel heterogeneous bulk- and nano-scale catalysts is currently a hot research topic with the aim of replacing petrochemicals in the chemical industry. Considering the importance of this subject to the scientific community, Advanced Catalysis for Drop-in Chemicals provides the latest developments in the catalytic synthesis of drop-in chemicals mainly from lignocellulose, carbohydrates (cellulose, hemicellulose, C6 and C5 sugars, and their derivatives), lignin, and glycerol. The role of both heterogeneous bulk solid and nanostructured catalysts, along with their advantages and disadvantages for drop-in chemicals synthesis are critically summarized. Addressing the frontiers and prospects for using drop-in chemicals in place of petrochemicals in the chemical industry is also a key topic of this book. Describes fossil fuels, biomass, drop-in chemicals, catalysis, nano- and atomic-scale catalysts Includes pre- and post-treatment strategies for biomass upgrading Provides green catalytic processes for drop-in chemicals synthesis Outlines stabilization of nano- and atomic-scale catalysts Prospects atom-economy catalytic routes for drop-in chemicals synthesis Challenges using drop-in chemicals in place of petrochemicals in the chemical industry

Lignin Valorization
Author : Gregg T. Beckham
Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
Release Date : 2018-03-29
ISBN 10 : 1782625542
Pages : 528 pages

A comprehensive, interdisciplinary picture of how lignocellulosic biorefineries could potentially employ lignin valorization technologies.

Valorization of Biomass to Value-Added Commodities
Author : Michael O. Daramola,Augustine O. Ayeni
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020-04-21
ISBN 10 : 3030380327
Pages : 595 pages

This book presents the most up-to-date technologies for the transformation of biomass into valuable fuels, chemicals, materials, and products. It provides comprehensive coverage of the characterization and fractionation of various types of biomass and details the many challenges that are currently encountered during this process. Divided into two sections, this book discusses timely topics such as the characterization of biomass feedstock, pretreatment and fractionation of biomass, and describes the process for conversion of biomass to value-added commodities. The authors bring biomass transformational strategies that are yet to be explored to the forefront, making this innovative book useful for graduate students and researchers in academia, government, and industry.

Biomass Valorization to Bioenergy
Author : R. Praveen Kumar,B. Bharathiraja,Rupam Kataki,V. S. Moholkar
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2019-10-11
ISBN 10 : 9811504105
Pages : 219 pages

This book covers topics related to bioenergy production from various biomass sources, including agricultural residues and waste biomass from both domestic and industrial use. It includes useful data, illustrations, and case studies of bioenergy production facilities. The contents of this book will be of interest to readers looking to scale up production and evaluate the selection and optimization of resources in order to overcome the current limitations of biomass to bioenergy conversions. The book will be of interest to researchers and industry professional alike.

Biorefinery of Alternative Resources: Targeting Green Fuels and Platform Chemicals
Author : Sonil Nanda,Dai-Viet N. Vo,Prakash Kumar Sarangi
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020-03-31
ISBN 10 : 9811518041
Pages : 494 pages

This book summarizes recent advances in the processing of waste biomass resources to produce biofuels and biochemicals. Worldwide interest in clean energy sources, environmental protection, and mitigating global warming is rapidly gaining momentum and spurring on the search for alternative energy sources, especially for the transportation and industrial sectors. This book reviews the opportunities presented by low-cost organic waste materials, discussing their suitability for alternative fuel and fine chemical production, physicochemical characterization, conversion technologies, feedstock and fuel chemistry, refining technologies, fuel upgrading, residue management, and the circular economy. In addition, it explores applied aspects of biomass conversion by highlighting several significant thermochemical, hydrothermal and biological technologies. In summary, the book offers comprehensive and representative descriptions of key fuel processing technologies, energy conversion and management, waste valorization, eco-friendly waste remediation, biomass supply chain, lifecycle assessment, techno-economic analysis and the circular bioeconomy.

Biomass as Renewable Raw Material to Obtain Bioproducts of High-Tech Value
Author : Valentin I. Popa,Irina Volf
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2018-02-15
ISBN 10 : 0444637974
Pages : 492 pages

Biomass as Renewable Raw Material to Obtain Bioproducts of High-tech Value examines the use of biomass as a raw material, including terrestrial and aquatic sources to obtain extracts (e.g. polyphenols), biofuels, and/or intermediates (furfural, levulinates) through chemical and biochemical processes. The book also covers the production of natural polymers using biomass and the biosynthetic process, cellulose modified by biochemical and chemical methods, and other biochemicals that can be used in the synthesis of various pharmaceuticals. Featuring case studies, discussions of sustainability, and nanomedical, biomedical, and pharmaceutical applications, Biomass as Renewable Raw Material to Obtain Bioproducts of High-tech Value is a crucial resource for biotechnologists, biochemical engineers, biochemists, microbiologists, and research students in these areas, as well as entrepreneurs, policy makers, stakeholders, and politicians. Reviews biomass resources and compounds with bioactive properties Describes chemical and biochemical processes for creating biofuels from biomass Outlines production of polysaccharides and cellulose derivatives Features applications in the fields of medicine and pharmacy

Chemicals and Fuels from Bio-Based Building Blocks
Author : Fabrizio Cavani,Stefania Albonetti,Francesco Basile,Alessandro Gandini
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2016-02-16
ISBN 10 : 3527698221
Pages : 758 pages

An up-to-date and two volume overview of recent developments in the field of chemocatalytic and enzymatic processes for the transformation of renewable material into essential chemicals and fuels. Experts from both academia and industry discuss catalytic processes currently under development as well as those already in commercial use for the production of bio-fuels and bio-based commodity chemicals. As such, they cover drop-in commodity chemicals and fuels, as well as bio-based monomers and polymers, such as acrylic acid, glycols, polyesters and polyolefins. In addition, they also describe reactions applied to waste and biomass valorization and integrated biorefining strategies. With its comprehensive coverage of the topic, this is an indispensable reference for chemists working in the field of catalysis, industrial chemistry, sustainable chemistry, and polymer synthesis.

Horizons in Sustainable Industrial Chemistry and Catalysis
Author : Stefania Albonetti,Siglinda Perathoner,Elsje Alessandra Quadrelli
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2019-02-13
ISBN 10 : 0444641475
Pages : 444 pages

Horizons in Sustainable Industrial Chemistry and Catalysis, Volume 178, presents a comprehensive picture of recent developments in terms of sustainable industrial processes and the catalytic needs and opportunities to develop these novel routes. Each chapter includes an introduction and state-of-the-art in the field, along with a series of specific aspects and examples. The book identifies new opportunities for research that will help us transition to low carbon and sustainable energy and chemical production. Users will find an integrated view of the new possibilities in this area that unleashes new possibilities in energy and chemistry. Combines an analysis of each scenario, the state-of-the art, and specific examples to help users better understand needs, opportunities, gaps and challenges Offers an integrated view of new catalytic technologies that are needed for future use Presents an interdisciplinary approach that combines broad expertise Brings together experts in the area of sustainable industrial chemistry

Author : Juan-Rodrigo Bastidas-Oyanedel,Jens Ejbye Schmidt
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2019-04-15
ISBN 10 : 3030109615
Pages : 763 pages

This book discusses the biorefinery of biomass feedstocks. In-depth chapters highlight the scientific and technical aspects and present a techno-economic analysis of such systems. By using a TEA approach, the authors present feasible pathways for conversion of biomass (both residual biomass, energy crops and algae biomass), showing the different possibilities for the production of biochemical materials, biofuels, and fertilizers. The concepts presented in this book will link companies, investors, and governments by providing a framework that will help reduce pollutants and create a biomass related economy that incorporates the newest developments and technologies in the area.

Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts
Author : James W. Lee
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-08-30
ISBN 10 : 1461433487
Pages : 1122 pages

Designed as a text not only for students and researchers, but anyone interested in green technology, Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts offers the reader a vast overview of the state-of-the-art in renewable energies. The typical chapter sets out to explain the fundamentals of a new technology as well as providing its context in the greater field. With contributions from nearly 100 leading researchers across the globe, the text serves as an important and timely look into this rapidly expanding field. The 40 chapters that comprise Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts are handily organized into the following 8 sections: · Introduction and Brazil's biofuel success · Smokeless biomass pyrolysis for advanced biofuels production and global biochar carbon sequestration · Cellulosic Biofuels · Photobiological production of advanced biofuels with synthetic biology · Lipids-based biodiesels · Life-cycle energy and economics analysis · High-value algal products and biomethane · Electrofuels

Sustainable Catalysis for Biorefineries
Author : Francesco Frusteri,Donato Aranda,Giuseppe Bonura
Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
Release Date : 2018-07-04
ISBN 10 : 1788014782
Pages : 372 pages

Biorefineries are becoming increasingly important in providing sustainable routes for chemical industry processes. The establishment of bio-economic models, based on biorefineries for the creation of innovative products with high added value, such as biochemicals and bioplastics, allows the development of “green chemistry” methods in synergy with traditional chemistry. This reduces the heavy dependence on imports and assists the development of economically and environmentally sustainable production processes, that accommodate the huge investments, research and innovation efforts. This book explores the most effective or promising catalytic processes for the conversion of biobased components into high added value products, as platform chemicals and intermediates. With a focus on heterogeneous catalysis, this book is ideal for researchers working in catalysis and in green chemistry.

Waste Valorisation and Recycling
Author : Sadhan Kumar Ghosh
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2019-01-29
ISBN 10 : 981132784X
Pages : 587 pages

This book gathers high-quality research papers presented at the Seventh International Conference on Solid Waste Management, held at Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad on December 15-17, 2017. The Conference, IconSWM 2017, is as an official side event of the high-level Intergovernmental Eighth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific. As a pre-event, it also aims to generate scientific inputs to the policy consultations at the Eighth Regional 3R Forum co-organised by the UNCRD/UNDESA, MoEFCC India, MOUD India and MOEJ, Japan. At the IconSWM 2017, researchers from more than 30 countries presented their work on Solid Waste Management. Divided into three volumes, this book shares their papers, which address various issues related to innovation and implementation in sustainable waste management, segregation, collection and transportation of waste, treatment technologies, policies and strategies, energy recovery, life cycle analysis, climate change, and research and business opportunities.

Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Pyrolysis
Author : Zhen Fang,Richard L. Smith Jr,Lujiang Xu
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020-10-27
ISBN 10 : 9811527326
Pages : 450 pages

This book presents a collection of studies on state-of-art techniques for converting biomass to chemical products by means of pyrolysis, which are widely applicable to the valorization of biomass. In addition to discussing the fundamentals and mechanisms for producing bio-oils, chemicals, gases and biochar using pyrolysis, it outlines key reaction parameters and reactor configurations for various types of biomass. Written by leading experts and providing a broad range of perspectives on cutting-edge applications, the book is a comprehensive reference guide for academic researchers and industrial engineers in the fields of natural renewable materials, biorefinery of lignocellulose, biofuels, and environmental engineering, and a valuable resource for university students in the fields of chemical engineering, material science and environmental engineering.

Sustainable Catalysis
Author : Rafael Luque,Frank Leung-Yuk Lam
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2018-05-07
ISBN 10 : 3527338675
Pages : 292 pages

Highlighting sustainable catalytic processes in synthetic organic chemistry and industry, this useful guide places special emphasis on catalytic reactions carried out at room temperature. It describes the fundamentals, summarizes key advances, and covers applications in industrial processes in the field of energy generation from renewables, food science, and pollution control. Throughout, the latest research from various disciplines is combined, such as homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, biocatalysis, and photocatalysis. The book concludes with a chapter on future trends and energy challenges for the latter half of the 21st century. With its multidisciplinary approach this is an essential reference for academic and industrial researchers in catalysis science aiming to design more sustainable and energy-efficient processes.