a centum of valuable plant bioactives

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Bioactive Compounds
Author : Maira Rubi Segura Campos
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2018-12-01
ISBN 10 : 012814775X
Pages : 308 pages

Bioactive Compounds: Health Benefits and Potential Applications provides information about different bioactive compounds including their sources, biological effects, health benefits and, potential applications which could contribute as alternatives in the prevention or treatment of multifactorial diseases for vulnerable population groups. Going beyond the basics to include discussion of bioaccessibility and the legislative aspects of marketing of bioactive compounds as nutraceuticals or food supplements, this book presents insights from a global perspective. Written for researchers, professors and graduate students, this book is sure to be a welcomed reference for all who work in food chemistry, new product development and nutritional science. Highlights potential contributions of bioactive compounds as alternatives in the prevention or treatment of disease Investigates the world of bioactive compounds and the many activities associated with them Contains information relevant to food chemistry, new product development and nutritional science

Drought Stress Tolerance in Plants, Vol 1
Author : Mohammad Anwar Hossain,Shabir Hussain Wani,Soumen Bhattacharjee,David J Burritt,Lam-Son Phan Tran
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2016-05-25
ISBN 10 : 3319288997
Pages : 526 pages

Abiotic stress adversely affects crop production worldwide, decreasing average yields for most of the crops to 50%. Among various abiotic stresses affecting agricultural production, drought stress is considered to be the main source of yield reduction around the globe. Due to an increasing world population, drought stress will lead to a serious food shortage by 2050. The situation may become worse due to predicated global climate change that may multiply the frequency and duration and severity of such abiotic stresses. Hence, there is an urgent need to improve our understanding on complex mechanisms of drought stress tolerance and to develop modern varieties that are more resilient to drought stress. Identification of the potential novel genes responsible for drought tolerance in crop plants will contribute to understanding the molecular mechanism of crop responses to drought stress. The discovery of novel genes, the analysis of their expression patterns in response to drought stress, and the determination of their potential functions in drought stress adaptation will provide the basis of effective engineering strategies to enhance crop drought stress tolerance. Although the in-depth water stress tolerance mechanisms is still unclear, it can be to some extent explained on the basis of ion homeostasis mediated by stress adaptation effectors, toxic radical scavenging, osmolyte biosynthesis, water transport, and long distance signaling response coordination. Importantly, complete elucidation of the physiological, biochemical, and molecular mechanisms for drought stress, perception, transduction, and tolerance is still a challenge to the plant biologists. The findings presented in volume 1 call attention to the physiological and biochemical modalities of drought stress that influence crop productivity, whereas volume 2 summarizes our current understanding on the molecular and genetic mechanisms of drought stress resistance in plants.

Cranial Osteomyelitis
Author : Ali Akhaddar
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2016-03-23
ISBN 10 : 331930268X
Pages : 325 pages

This book is the first reference book covering exclusively all aspects of this challenging disease. It is designed to serve as a succinct appropriate resource for neurosurgeons, otorhinolaryngologists, neuroradiologists, researchers and infectious disease specialists with an interest in cranial infection. Cranial Osteomyelitis provides an in-depth review of knowledge of the management of skull osteomyelitis, with an emphasis on risk factors, causative pathogens, pathophysiology of dissemination, clinical presentations, neuroradiological findings and treatment modalities, medical and surgical. Sections on the prognosis and prevention of this illness are also included. The book will help the reader in choosing the most appropriate way to manage this challenging bone infection. In addition, it supplies clinicians and investigators with both basic and more sophisticated information and procedures relating to the complications associated with skull osteomyelitis. It also considers future areas of investigation and innovative therapeutic philosophies. The book is richly illustrated to provide readers with unparalleled access to a comprehensive collection of cranial osteomyelitis images (biological, clinical, neuroradiological, and surgical) taken directly from the author’s collection and experience in the field.

A Thesaurus of English Word Roots
Author : Horace Gerald Danner
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date : 2014-03-27
ISBN 10 : 1442233265
Pages : 1008 pages

Horace G. Danner’s A Thesaurus of English Word Roots is a compendium of the most-used word roots of the English language. As Timothy B. Noone notes in his foreword: “Dr. Danner’s book allows you not only to build up your passive English vocabulary, resulting in word recognition knowledge, but also gives you the rudiments for developing your active English vocabulary, making it possible to infer the meaning of words with which you are not yet acquainted. Your knowledge can now expand and will do so exponentially as your awareness of the roots in English words and your corresponding ability to decode unfamiliar words grows apace. This is the beginning of a fine mental linguistic library: so enjoy!” In A Thesaurus of English Word Roots, all word roots are listed alphabetically, along with the Greek or Latin words from which they derive, together with the roots’ original meanings. If the current meaning of an individual root differs from the original meaning, that is listed in a separate column. In the examples column, the words which contain the root are then listed, starting with their prefixes, for example, dysacousia, hyperacousia. These root-starting terms then are followed by terms where the root falls behind the word, e.g., acouesthesia and acoumeter. These words are followed by words where the root falls in the middle or the end, as in such terms as bradyacusia and odynacusis.. In this manner, A Thesaurus of English Word Roots places the word in as many word families as there are elements in the word. This work will interest linguists and philologists and anyone interested in the etymological aspects of English language.

Penile Augmentation
Author : Nam Cheol Park,Sae Woong Kim,Du Geon Moon
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2016-03-21
ISBN 10 : 3662467534
Pages : 272 pages

This book presents state of the art knowledge on penile augmentation with a view to providing a guide that will be highly relevant to clinical practice. The coverage is wide ranging, with clear descriptions of penile anatomy, patient selection and counselling, preoperative preparation, girth enhancement and penile lengthening techniques, postoperative care, and the approach to the pediatric patient. Experienced surgeons describe operative procedures from traditional fat transfer to the penile disassembly technique and reconstruction of the amputated penis, while the newest tissue engineering techniques are presented by leading researchers with reference to high-quality data. In addition, the role of auxiliary medical devices is explained. The text is supported by numerous full-color illustrations. Only recently have the requisite medical skills and techniques been developed to allow safe and reliable penile augmentation, and now the procedure is considered comparable to the use of mammoplasty for breast augmentation in women for cosmetic and psychological reasons. Penile Augmentation will be of value for all who are involved or interested in the procedure.

Transgenesis and Secondary Metabolism /.
Author : Sumita Jha
Publisher : N.A
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9783319274904
Pages : 329 pages

The Mind of an Engineer:
Author : Purnendu Ghosh
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2019-11-18
ISBN 10 : 9811513309
Pages : 316 pages

This book is a collection of chapters reflecting the experiences and achievements of some of the Fellows of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE). The book comprises essays that look at reminiscences, eureka moments, inspirations, challenges and opportunities in the journey of an engineering professional. The chapters look at the paths successful engineering professionals take towards self-realisation, the milestones they crossed, and the goals they reached. The book contains 38 chapters on diverse topics that truly reflect the way the meaningful mind of an engineer works.

Hairy Roots
Author : Vikas Srivastava,Shakti Mehrotra,Sonal Mishra
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2018-11-27
ISBN 10 : 9811325626
Pages : 342 pages

The growing scale of plant-based chemicals for industrial use has generated considerable interest in developing methods to meet their desired production levels. Among various available strategies for their production, the development of Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated hairy root cultures (HRCs) is generally considered the most feasible approach. Additionally, several proof-of-principle experiments have demonstrated the practical feasibility of HRCs in the plant-based remediation of environment pollutants, biotransformation of important compounds, and production of therapeutic proteins. Given that hairy root biotechnology has now been recognized as a promising and highly dynamic research area, this book offers a timely update on recent advances, and approaches hairy roots as a multifaceted biological tool for various applications. Further, it seeks to investigate the loopholes in existing methodologies, identify remaining challenges and find potential solutions by presenting well thought-out scientific discussions from various eminent research groups working on hairy root biotechnology. This book provides detailed conceptual and practical information on HRC-based research, along with relevant case studies. The content is divided into three broad sections, namely (i) Hairy Roots and Secondary Metabolism, (ii) Progressive Applications, and (iii) Novel Approaches and Future Prospects. By informing the research and teaching community about the major strides made in HRC-based interventions in plant biology and their applications, the book is sure to spark further research in this fascinating field.

Cellular and Molecular Biology of Plant Seed Development
Author : Brian A. Larkins,Indra K. Vasil
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2013-03-09
ISBN 10 : 9401589097
Pages : 650 pages

The beginnings of human civili zation can be traced back to the time , ne- ly 12 ,000 years ago , when th e early humans gradually ch anged from a life of hunting and gathering food , to producing food. This beginning of pri- tive agriculture ensured a dependable supply of food , and fostered the living together of people in groups and the development of s o c i e ty. During th is time, plant s e e ds were recognized a s a valuable s o ur c e of food and nutrition , and began to be used for growing plants for food. Ever s i n c e , plant seeds have played an important role in the development of the human civilization . Even today, s e e ds of a few crop s p e c i e s , s uc h as the cereals and legume s, are the primary s o u r c e of most human food , and the predominant commodity in international agriculture. Owing to their great importance as food for human s and in international trade , seeds have been a favorite object of s t u d y by developmental biologists and physiologi sts , nutritionist s and chem i sts . A wealth of useful information i s available on th e biology of seed s .

Twelve Years a Slave
Author : Solomon Northup
Publisher : Readme Publishing
Release Date : 2014-03-08
ISBN 10 : 9949952328
Pages : 240 pages

Now a major motion picture nominated for nine Academy Awards. Narrative of Solomon Northup, a Citizen of New-York, Kidnapped in Washington City in 1841, and Rescued in 1853. Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup is a memoir of a black man who was born free in New York state but kidnapped, sold into slavery and kept in bondage for 12 years in Louisiana before the American Civil War. He provided details of slave markets in Washington, DC, as well as describing at length cotton cultivation on major plantations in Louisiana.

Cellular Networks in Development
Author : N.A
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2021-04-15
ISBN 10 : 9780128145890
Pages : 362 pages

Current Topics in Developmental Biology series highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters. Each chapter is written by one or more members of an international board of authors. Provides the authority and expertise of leading contributors from an international board of authors Presents the latest release in the Current Topics in Developmental Biology series

Dairy Engineering
Author : Murlidhar Meghwal,Megh R. Goyal,Rupesh S. Chavan
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2017-03-16
ISBN 10 : 1315341980
Pages : 350 pages

Written for and by dairy and food engineers with experience in the field, this new volume provides a wealth of valuable information on dairy technology and its applications. The book covers devices, standardization, packaging, ingredients, laws and regulatory guidelines, food processing methods, and more. The coverage of each topic is comprehensive enough to serve as an overview of the most recent and relevant research and technology.

Rumphius' Orchids
Author : Georg Eberhard Rumpf
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release Date : 2003
ISBN 10 : 9780300129311
Pages : 172 pages

A 17th century Dutch naturalist, Rumphius was the first person to describe tropical orchids in a Western language. The original seven volume work, the 'Ambonese Herbal', describes 36 species found on the island of Ambon, plus another 12 uncertified species.

Food Engineering
Author : Murlidhar Meghwal,Megh R. Goyal
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2016-11-18
ISBN 10 : 1315342022
Pages : 396 pages

This new volume presents a selection of recent advances and emerging trends in food process engineering from several disciplines. Exploring the key concepts of food engineering, Food Engineering: Emerging Issues, Modeling, and Applications presents the information in four parts: Modeling in food engineering; Research advances in food engineering; Role of food engineering in human health; Emerging issues and applications in food engineering.

Foundations of Neurobiology
Author : Fred Delcomyn
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1998
ISBN 10 : 9780716726272
Pages : 648 pages

Food Technology
Author : Murlidhar Meghwal,Megh R. Goyal,Mital J. Kaneria
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2017-08-22
ISBN 10 : 1315341468
Pages : 370 pages

In this era of climate change and food/water/natural resource crises, it is important that current advancements in technology are made taking into consideration the impact on humanity and the environment. This new volume, Food Technology: Applied Research and Production Techniques, in the Innovations in Agricultural and Biological Engineering book series, looks at recent developments and innovations in food technology and sustainable technologies. Advanced topics in the volume include food processing, preservation, nutritional analysis, quality control and maintenance as well as good manufacturing practices in the food industries. The chapters are highly focused reports to help direct the development of current food- and agriculture-based knowledge into promising technologies. Features: provides information on relevant technology makes suggestions for equipment and devices looks at standardization in food technology explores new and innovative packaging technology studies antimicrobial activities in food considers active constituents of foods and provides information about isolation, validation and characterization of major bioactive constituents discusses the effect of laws and regulatory guidelines on infrastructure to transform technology into highly value-added products Food Technology: Applied Research and Production Techniques will be a very useful reference book for food technologists, practicing food engineers, researchers, professors, students of these fields and professionals working in food technology, food science, food processing, and nutrition.

Calcium Transport Elements in Plants
Author : Santosh Kumar Upadhyay
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2021-01-25
ISBN 10 : 0128217936
Pages : 494 pages

Calcium Transport Elements in Plants discusses the role of calcium in plant development and stress signaling, the mechanism of Ca2+ homeostasis across plant membranes, and the evolution of Ca2+/cation antiporter (CaCA) superfamily proteins. Additional sections cover genome-wide analysis of Annexins and their roles in plants, the roles of calmodulin in abiotic stress responses, calcium transport in relation to plant nutrition/biofortification, and much more. Written by leading experts in the field, this title is an essential resource for students and researchers that need all of the information on calcium transport elements in one place. Calcium transport elements are involved in various structural, physiological and biochemical processes or signal transduction pathways in response to various abiotic and biotic stimuli. Development of high throughput sequencing technology has favored the identification and characterization of numerous gene families in plants in recent years, including the calcium transport elements. Provides a complete compilation of detailed information on Ca2+ efflux and influx transporters in plants Discusses the mode of action of calcium transport elements and their classification Explores the indispensable role of Ca2+ in numerous developmental and stress related pathways

Advances in Agronomy
Author : N.A
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2004-04-16
ISBN 10 : 9780120007806
Pages : 652 pages

Advances in Agronomy continues to be recognized as a leading reference and a first-rate source of the latest research in agronomy. Major reviews deal with the current topics of interest to agronomists, as well as crop and soil scientists. As always, the subjects covered are varied and exemplary of the myriad subject matter dealt with by this long-running serial. Editor Donald Sparks, former president of the Soil Science Society of America and current president of the International Union of Soil Science, is the S. Hallock du Pont Chair of Plant and Soil Sciences at The University of Delaware. Volume 82 contains eight state-of-the-art reviews on topics of interest in the plant and soil sciences. Three of the reviews present cutting-edge molecular scale techniques and approaches that directly impact food production, crop improvement, and environmental quality and sustainability.

Handbook of Sustainable Polymers
Author : Vijay Kumar Thakur,Manju Kumari Thakur
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2016-01-05
ISBN 10 : 9814613541
Pages : 988 pages

The 21st century offers vast challenges for researchers all around the globe, especially regarding the effective use of sustainable polymers and their materials for different applications. With this focus, sustainable polymers are now rising as one of the most feasible alternatives to traditional synthetic polymers/materials for a variety of industrial uses. This book is an archival reference for researchers and students working in the field of sustainable polymers and their applications in industry. It focuses on the processing and applications of diverse sustainable polymers procured from different biorenewable resources that have been rarely reported so far in a single book.

State-of-the-Art Technologies in Food Science
Author : Murlidhar Meghwal,Megh R. Goyal
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2018-08-14
ISBN 10 : 135167661X
Pages : 364 pages

There has been a growing interest in the health benefits derived from fruits and vegetables and the food products based on them. Many foods contain various phytochemicals, flavonoids, fibers, macronutrients and micronutrients, minerals, etc. that are good for health and essential for keeping good health. This volume provides a global perspective of the current state of food and health research, innovation, and emerging trends. It focuses on topics of food for better health, including functional foods and nutraceutical foods. The book is divided into several sections, covering: • Foods for Human Health Promotion and Prevention of Diseases, which include fruits, vegetables, and grains: their peels and fiber for better human health, health prospects of bioactive peptides derived from seed storage proteins, mushrooms as a novel source of antihyperlipidemic agents, and emerging foodborne illnesses and their prevention. • Specific Fruits, Spices and Dairy-Based Functional Foods for Human Health, which looks at the functional medicinal values of fenugreek, fruits as functional foods, and functional fermented dairy products. • Issues, Challenges, and Specialty Topics in Food Science, which focuses mainly on the stability issues of whole wheat flour, physicochemical properties and quality of food lipids, methods for food analysis and quality control, and interventions of ohmic heating technology in foods. The volume will be of interest to health practitioners, food specialists, nutrition producers and suppliers, practicing food process engineers, food technologists, researchers, food industry professionals, and faculty and upper-level students in food science.